In our home there is always a project on the go; always something being made because we thought it would be better than buying it!

Although we work mainly in silver & wood we have, over the years, turned our hand to many other mediums. For example I am currently making a leather belt...and a wooden shoe rack (which I really must finish!!!) & my partner, Heather, is making a set of earrings for a friend's birthday whilst also creating a range of dry-etched prints.

Recently we have managed to sell a few pieces so we thought we should try to build a website to make it easier for you to see our work & maybe get something made for yourself (or for someone else if you're feeling generous).

So, if you fancy a piece that has been handcrafted especially for you & to your specification or if you'd like to purchase one of the items you've seen in the gallery then please just leave a message in the guestbook & we'll take it from there.

Oh, & for those of you who are wondering, "why Rising Cloud"?  It's a detail most commonly found in Oriental furniture & architectural design that I am always drawn to...

Definition of Rising Cloud

...the way the headboard, footboard & rails of this bed "rise" up in the middle is what is, rather poetically, known as Rising Cloud.  When I discovered that, the logo popped into my head - along with the colour scheme - and it just kind of became my makers I bought the web domain & here we are :-)

Thank you very much for visiting.


P.S. Unfortunately, I did not make this beautiful bed (& do not know who did to give them the credit) and even if one day my skills should improve enough to make a build like this possible I could never get it down from my workshop in the loft!